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Featured Sites:
  • H&R Block - Just Plain Smart - Do your taxes online, work with a tax professional, get expert advice from America's tax professionals - only from H&R Block.
  • Online Tax Preparation - Online tax preparation and e-file by live tax preparers. Refund in as little as 8 days! No out-of-pocket fees. All fees are deducted from your check. No credit card needed.
  • Quicken TurboTax: Taxes the Easy Way - Do your taxes online - it's fast and easy. TurboTax for the Web guides you through your taxes step-by-step and helps you maximize your deductions. Try it now for free!

  • Internal Revenue Service *Cool Site* - The IRS is the U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement. This site contains downloadable income tax forms, instructions, and agency publications. It even includes "The Digital Daily," an almost-humorous online newspaper.
  • MSN MoneyCentral Taxes *Cool Site* - Microsoft's Tax Preparation site, in association with Tax Server.
  • Allexperts Tax Q&A - Professionals answer your questions about taxes for free.
  • Time Savers - Tax Help - Expert advice and tax-cutting strategies from AOL. Includes IRS forms and publications, as well as a calculating tool for estimating taxes owed.
  • Armchair Millionaire: Tax Center - Find most of the IRS forms and links to dozens of IRS publications in Acrobat files. A great alternative source if the IRS website becomes busy during filing season.
  • Ask A CPA - Ask a tax expert a puzzling tax question while preparing your tax return. Includes interactive questions and answers.
  • Taxes - Information on all phases of tax planning and preparation from
  •'s Tax Center - Advice, information, tools and downloadable forms to lighten one's personal tax burden this year and next.
  • Cockburns Solicitors - UK specialists in taxation, estate planning, CGT (Capital Gains Tax) and Trusts. Features advice and professional legal services.
  • - Tax guide for nonresidents and foreigners. Provides links on tax law, help for foreigners, and free tools.
  • Epinions: Taxes - Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product type.
  • Federal Tax Return - Includes information about the 16th Amendment, as well as a glossary of terms and useful links.
  • File Manager For Publications - IRS - Forms and Publications
  • H&R Block - Offers online tax preparation and tax software, mortgages, brokerage and financial services, consumer tips & useful tax planning information.
  • - Provides links to tax forms, preparation software, and tax help.
  • - Offers links for both individual and corporate tax preparers. Also features tips on taking deductions.
  • - Online income tax preparation, blank IRS and state income tax forms, and online e-filing.
  • Other Items Of Interest - IRS - Tax Info For Business
  • Pape Financial Services, Inc. - Learn how to limit your taxes using the new tax laws to your benefit.
  • Quicken TurboTax for the Web - Do your taxes online. Try it for free - pay nothing until you file.
  • Taxes - Find the latest changes to the tax code here.
  • - Geared towards Oklahoma residents. Includes Federal and Oklahoma tax information as it relates to individuals, investors, students and small businesses.
  • Tax Advice Line - We provide the professional services of a CPA in a convenient and affordable manner. Receive an unlimited phone consultation with a CPA for a set fee.
  • Tax Advisor Tips - Offers tax deduction tips for federal and state income taxes.
  • Tax and Accounting Sites Directory - A comprehensive index of tax and accounting resources on the Internet.
  • Tax Center: iVillage MoneyLife - Learn how to meet your obligations, while keeping more of your hard-earned money
  • Tax Professional's Corner - IRS website for tax pros
  • Tax World Homepage - Many links to U.S. and international resources related to taxes and tax laws
  • TaxACT - Federal and state income tax software solutions for consumers and tax professionals.
  • TaxAdvantage - Portal to over 7000 pages of tax and financial information.
  • - A wealth of resources and tax preparation services all in one place.
  • 4Taxes - a guide for taxpayers from
  • - IRS e-filing & Internal Revenue Service tax problem resolution. Free consultations for those with back taxes.
  • TaxLogic - Fill out a brief questionnaire, and for a small fee, a TaxLogic CPA will interview you over the telephone to prepare your taxes.
  • - Information resource for taxes and tax planning. Includes a large dictionary of tax terms and tips.
  • TaxPlanet by Gary Klott, All things tax for individuals - by Gary Klott, former tax columnist for The New York Times, is the most comprehensive independent tax resource for individuals on the Web
  • That Home Site Taxes - Offers a forum for users to share their knowledge of taxes and accounting.
  • Timber Taxes - Comprehensive explanation of the tax treatment of timber. Including qualifying for capital gains, casualty losses, income, expenses, reforestation, and much more.
  • Tips on Taxes - Online resources to taxpayer tips, income tax preparation, rules, tax code, financial planners and forms.
  • - Site helps calculate tax basis on mutual funds. Includes other calculators and tax resources.
  • Wedding Bells and the Marriage Penalty - Discover how the marriage penalty causes married couples to pay more taxes than their single counterparts. Learn who it hurts, why it is so costly, and how to avoid it.
  • Your Personal CPA - Ask a CPA federal tax or accounting questions and receive a personal answer.




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