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Annual Sponsorship Opportunities on Blackworld

... scale your Brand with us, as we go massive!

Blackworld is evolving one of the most unique and exciting Media & Commercial Application platforms online today. Our growing consumer audience spans across north & south america, africa, europe and asia.

Peoples of african & american decent and all their multi-cultural friends worldwide, check in everday to discover what is trending throughout blackworld and to connect with jobs & career postings, web search, entertainment, business opportunities, educational resources and to connect with new friends through social networking.

Blackworld aims to build strategic business relationships with national and universal brands who need to leverage the intrinsic benefits of their products and services through market diversification. Ethnic channels are simply the fastest growing consumer sectors for any major brand to stay competitive, and a premium sector for professional recruitment & human resources.

Let us place your brand infront of blackworld users and viewers of our content every day as we scale blackworld massively! Sponsorship creative opportunity levels may consist of:

*Splash Autoplay Videos. Seamlessly included within our video programme segements, such as our daily news & entertainment aggregation and run of main blackworld category sections. (Videos can be 15 to 50 sec Ads, or Promotional short form)
*Dynamic Banner Display units
*Short byline context set within logo
*Your Brand Logo as Sponsor.
*Brands We Like Logo Placement

Above creatives can be individually chosen as a sponsorhip campaign, or as a combined package subject to your sponsor level.

To learn more, contact info@blackworld.com and ask for our Sponsor Media Kit.



Brands We Like!

.... Let Blackworld Become An Influencer For Your Brand. Achieve More Facebook Likes And Subscribers, Or Direct Visits To Your Website...Your Choice!

Simply contact us if you'd like to feature on Blackworld as a Brand We Like. This top of page logo creative placement is highly prominent and can help leverage more likes and subscribers on your facebook page, or direct visits to your website.

A very effective way to leverage your branding leading to more sales for the long term.

It's so simple, yet creatively strategic by our influence!

Email advertising@blackworld.com for "Brands We Like" placement availability and pricing.

Blackworld helps you discover and connect with all the things you love or need, and new people you'd like to meet. Helping change the world through connectivity!
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