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Featured Site: Black Women Network - Visit Blackwomennetwork.com
Black Women Network - Social Networks deSigned with Women of Color in mind, all of which were founded and created by LaShanda Henry. Ms Henry has been developing ...

Featured Site: iVillage.com - Visit iVillage.com
Chat and content for women, focused on parenting, health, fitness and beauty, relationships and sex, jobs, cooking, money, and working from home...


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Archived Links:

  • Crumbled Cookies - From recipes to remedies, wicked humor, e-cards, gossip and inspirations.
  • Cybergrrl - Community and guide for women online offering free email, chat, forums, postcards, articles on current topics, technology information, Internet links and entertainment.
  • Daisy - Aimed at rural women encompassing forums, reviews and articles from fashion and beauty to gardening, politics, relationships and business issues.
  • Femalefirst - Online community for women offering articles on issues such as sex and relationships, fashion, entertainment, and travel.
  • HerPlanet - Interactive community and network of sites with resources and articles about different topics of interest to women in all their roles.
  • iCircle - UK channel, offering a mix of health, fashion, beauty, travel and financial advice, with chat channels and discussion boards in the members' area.
  • iVenus.com - Covering topics from fashion, beauty, through to personal finance and horoscopes.
  • iVillage - Provides information that women can depend on when making choices. Whether it's losing weight, changing career or having a baby.
  • iVillage.com - Chat, articles, message boards, and expert advice focused on parenting, health, fitness, beauty, relationships, jobs, cooking, money and working from home with a woman's perspective.
  • Joerg's Page for Tall Women - Clothes and Shoes - Resources and information for tall women (over 5'10").
  • Laura Sells -- Voxygen - This site deals with topics of interest to 3rd wave feminists (gen x and gen y women). Topics include teaching tools and syllabi for courses in women's studies (popular culture, issues in feminism) and speech communication (the rhetoric of cyberculture, contemporary american public address/oratory), and a resource page on Donna Haraway.
  • The Network for Women - News and information on a wide variety of topics.
  • New Woman - Content regarding women’s relation to work, family, marriage, education, science and life. Articles, news, famous women examples and events related to women.
  • Proud To Be Me - News and discussion site seeking to increase women's awareness and self-esteem through community. Includes articles, columns, and community discussions.
  • Red Blue Purple - Dedicated to the Indian lifestyle with features on fashion, mind, body, spirit and Indian stories.
  • Rumela - Diary, recipes, upcoming events and holidays.
  • Scholarships, Fellowships and Postdoctoral Awards for Women - Financial aid for college, graduate school and postdoctoral study.
  • Senior Women Web - Original content consisting of essays, columns, reviews and articles focussing on lifestyle and culture of interest to women over fifty.
  • She-Net - An online community for intelligent women, with articles and discussion on everything from the arts to politics to health to parenting.
  • Sisters On The Move - Recipes, gossip, news, information and "Sister of the Month" feature.
  • StorkNetFamily - News, thoughts and information from site which aims to celebrate women and families worldwide.
  • Totalwoman.com - Explores the themes at the core of every woman's life: health, career, relationships, romance, family.
  • Truyu.com - Internet portal for Black women, featuring free email, topical articles on everything from music to faith, relationships, discussion forums.
  • Tuff Femme - Aimed at "strong minded, strong bodied, and strong spirited women".
  • Voices of Women - Online journal, diverse article library, directories and events calendar.
  • We Women - Portal covering a variety of areas with articles, message boards and forums.
  • A Woman's World - Women write articles about other women, men, and pre-menstrual syndrome.
  • Women Clique - Articles, polls and readers' thoughts on topics including beauty, health, relationships, parenting, single life, entertainment and "Martha Stewart Living". Also features quizzes, messageboard and horoscopes.
  • Women Making History Today - Christian Science Monitor mini-site about women making a difference in the world today.
  • Women of a Certain Age - Articles aimed at mature women "who have stood the test of time".
  • Women Who Don't Conform - Supporting women in breaking out of the mould society has placed them in.
  • Women.com - Where women can go for daily information and inspiration on health, career, relationships, entertainment, beauty, home, family, shopping, and special promotions.
  • Womenfolk - Women and creativity through quilting and other mediums in history and the present.
  • WomEnhouse - WomEnhouse is a collaborative, multi-authored site that explores the politics of domesticity and gender relations through virtual rooms and conceptual domestic spaces by 24 artists, architects, poets, art historians, and cultural theorists.
  • WomenPlanet - Features, free email, homepages, chat, forum, entertainment, tips, and personal ads.
  • Women's Information Network - Referral Service for social services, health services and anything necessary to get women directed to what they might need.
  • Women's Life - Provide features, tips and expert advice on a range of topics including health, beauty, relationships, parenting, home life, life management and business.
  • Womenswebdaily.com - Content by and for women including news, motivation, health, relationships, entertainment, how-to tips, humor, free stuff and shopping. Writers and contributors wanted.

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