Wande Abimbola was born on June 26, 1936 in Oyo in Western Nigeria. He attended the University of Lagos, Nigeria from 1967-70, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illionois from 1965-66 and University College, Ibadan, Nigeria from 1959-63, where he obtained B.A Honors in History in 1963, an M.A. in Linguistics and a Ph.D in Literature in 1970. He was also a State Scholar at the University College, Ibadan from 1959-63

Wande Abimbola has also authored or Edited the following Books and Publications;

Wande Abimbola is the Author of 30 Articles published in learned International Academic Journals or as chapters in Academic books. These include:

Wande Abimbola has held many positions including:

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