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Featured Site: PBSKids.org - Visit PBSKids.org
Play educational games, watch PBS KIDS shows and find activities like coloring and music. PBS KIDS Games and Shows are research based and vetted by educators...

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Archived Links:

brghtlghtsM Welcome to Bright Lights Children's Bookstore, your source for the best in children's books by and about African American Culture.
Khemit Kids/Khemware Enterprises Your place to shop for Afrocentric Children's clothing & other Afrocentric products.
A Childrens' Birthday Party Kit Supply Store Birthday party celebrations are easy! Get your free party tips and enter our contest to win a party kit for your child's birthday party.
Honeychurch Toys Ltd Makers of Fine Traditional English Dolls Houses, available as ready made houses or DIY kits together with miniature furniture.
baby bottle tooth decay THE BABIES PLANET baby bottle tooth decay rooten teeth gums disease cryingcolic teething
World Kids Services for child models and talent including global market preparation, placement, and management. Infants to 14 years
Flamingo Fiesta! Flamingos made to Order in Hot Pink Satin" by artist Debby Holly. They Wild Whacky and make fabulous gifts!>
KDM - Books for Doll & Teddy Bear Collectors Doll & Teddy Bear Collectors! We carry hundreds of books and price guides related to dolls and bears
A Kids Kountry franchise investment opportunity A Kids Kountry franchise investment opportunity. A gym and indoor playground hosting a unique children's mall.
HELP OUR CHILDREN... If we don't help our children, who will, it's up to us to educate them, mind, & soul...
YesICAN--International Child Abuse Network A non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle ofchild abuse. We offer 24 hour chat groups, with facilitated groups daily, as well as bulleting boards for child abuse, adult survivors, domestic violence, and parenting issues
My Parents Still Love Me Even ...Divorce Interactive story/workbook for children facing their parents' divorce.
Our Father's Puppet Kingdom Excellent full bodied, large mouth puppets all ethnic groups Wonderful for helping kids of all ages. Visit all of our families
National Pet Protection Network National database registry for pets. Ensures a safe route homefrom ANYWHERE! Pays a reward!
Got It Goin' On - An Image Awareness Guide For Young Ladies New resource for parents, guardians,counselors, educators, pre-teen and teenage girls . . information about self-esteem,peer pressure, developing individual strengths, talents and personal style.
Helping Your Children Choose Their Heroes Through Reading A very unusual approach to children's reading.
Roberts Homepage Site with a Poetry Page, A Community Organization page,and pages by my two daughters.
Self Education Law enforcement Family Center S.E.L.F. is a non-profit group providing "Rites of Passage" Training for youth and offering computer litercy course to low-medium income families.
feelings company:therapeutic games, toys and educational materials feelings company :therapeutic games, toys and educational materials for play therapists, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists and parents to communicate, share and grow with children.
Sunshine Online Teaching the world to read with technology
PC Games Page The Best PC Games Page. We have Tips & Tricks. 1000's of free Downloads. Latest News. This is all for free. Check it out.
The Earth Angels Environmental Group Preteen inner city group. Has over 100 awards for accomplisments and 800 adult life time members internationally. Nonprofit church related.
FLYING HIGH - a fun learning resource for the whole family NEW Canadian board-game with a unique combination of FUN and EDUCATION with 1,100 quizzes (world-wide geography and general knowledge) - a relaxed environment to learn about the world and its peoples.
The art of Tyrone Geter We feature the African collection of charcoals, oils and children books of award winning artist, Tyrone Geter.
World Surfari Take a virtual surfari to a new country every month. Brought to you from the mind of 10 year old, Brian Giacoppo
Just 'n' Case FREE Cartoon Homepage FREE cartoons for your newsletters, brochures, homepages, or just 'n' case you need a smile. Choose from the large selection or request a custom cartoon. Everything is free!
Polar Express Share the Spirit Campaign The Polar Express, following a magical train ride to the North Pole
Actors unlimited: Hollywood acting training and workshops Acting training, business of acting classes Nationwide acting, self-expression, public speaking workshops Publications on the craft and the business of acting Imagination exercises for kids
Stamp on Black History Index Stamps on Black History designed by three High School Kids in Washington D.C
E-Mail Xpress classroom accounts K-12 E-Mail Accounts for your whole classroom for the nominal fee of only $1.00/School year per student.
Emoticons - The Good Friendship Codes for Email and Chat! Now you can discovery what are those strange symbols spread all over de Internet! :0 :-) :P {} []... They are the Emoticons! Creat you own online! Have fun!!!
Multicultural Books A single title and bulk book supplier. Children's books are our specialty. Picture books, novels, nursery rhymes, folk tales etc,
Shadow Warrior Blowguns Blowguns of all types for all ages. Kids, basic & deluxe, Co2 powered, & electronic soft tip dart Blowguns
Planet Oasis - Kidspace
Educate Online Index Page
Welcome to the BBC
BBC Education
Universal Education for Children
Parental Education and Children's Well-being
Children-Education part 2
Education of Children
Children's Education
About and For Kids and Teens
ENN Kids' Entertainment
The Refrigerator Art Contest
Peace in Pictures
APCNET's Kidz Art
City Kids by Liz Macklin
History Happens - Stories from American History on Music Video
Kids Fashion Net Home Page
Black History Month


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