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Welcome to Blackworld. We're evolving a Digital Africa economy through discovery and connectivity!

Blackworld is a Diversified Media & Technology Applications Platform, with a Digital Eco-system that aims to help organise and connect Africa and it's Diaspora of 1.3 billion consumers with the rest of the world. Africa's multicultural economy alone is projected to grow from $3 trillion today towards a $30 trillion Market Economy by 2050 according to recent research in Europe.

Our Startup develops technologies and media that are designed to enhance and stimulate the daily experience of users online, through mobile devices and ultimately connected TV. Blackworld has run media campaigns for major corporations such as IBM, Motorola, Disney World, The United States Army and more.
Blackworld aims to evolve it's universal brand to align with enterprises we admire, such as Google, Alibaba, Yahoo, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin and others.

Through steady growth and creative innovation, implementing scalable technologies and forming strategic alliances, Blackworld should ultimately achieve it's goals to establish a tangible digital economy, the first of it's kind for Africa... connecting the world.



For further information or inquiries - Email: info@blackworld.com


Blackworld helps you discover all the things you love or need, and new people you'd like to meet. We are connecting the world with Africa!
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